Changing the culture by promoting positive dancing.
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Upcoming Dances
The Dance Project hosts community dances
for students grade 7 and up,
teaching swing dancing to popular music.

We also send out groups of enthusiastic Dance Project students to area schools and community events to teach and show others how much fun they can have swing dancing at their own school dances.

Interested in having Dance Project students come
          to your school or community event? Contact us at

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Thousands of students learning & teaching swing dancing
    ​ to popular music since 2008.

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Did you know...?  Many of our posters and flyers are designed by volunteer Jennifer Wilson.  Jennifer has been serving with The Dance Project for more than 2 years now, consistently providing  great artwork under extraordinary circumstances.  ​Look for her designs in posters for the Swing at Your Own Homecoming event & our upcoming 2015 Masquerade Dance.

Because of the generous donation from another one of our loyal supporters, The Dance Project has been given the opportunity to make a new professionally produced video.  This new video will be designed to teach the basic swing dance step and present the standards on which we have built our reputation over the last 7 years.

​​​Consider joining our board of directors to be a part of the decisions and behind-the-scenes work for The Dance Project.  Membership positions and officers are now being considered for the 2015/2016 season.  Contact us today at thedanceproject or call/text 248-210-9409,  for more information about how you can make a difference.

The Dance Project is approached weekly with requests to participate in school activities, community events and private functions.  We are HONORED and OVERWHELMED with the possibilities of reaching more of the world... YOU CAN HELP be a part of this WONDERFUL mission. Email us today!
Fun photos from our most recent formal dance, The Broadway Dance can be found on the Most Recent Photos tab of our website.

​​The Dance Project Mentoring Team is reorganizing, with plans for upgraded student leadership and training.  Our purpose is to give our more experienced members (grade 12 and up) the opportunity to be models of the highest standards and coach student guests in courtesy, safe dancing, dress code and positive relationships at our community dances. *Invitation only*

Make plans now to talk with your school administrators about dance lessons from  The Dance Project for your high school's 2015/2016 school dances.

Funding provided by ... YOU!

The Dance Project has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the United States Government.

All financial contributions
  ​are tax deductible!​​


Donations may also be mailed to our address :
​The Dance Project, Inc.
477 Jeni Lane
Milford, MI  48380

Thank you!​​​​

Area dance clubs ​for teens & adults - see calendar  for meeting times & places. 

Swinginfusion    ​Howell Swing Club   ​Farmington Swing    
​​​U of M Ballroom ​Dance Club   HSLC Swing Dancing

The Dance Project recommends that parents attend clubs with students and gauge safety & social issues.​

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Upcoming Events
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